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Higher philosophy of Christian marriage (11)

“Good day sir, I sincerely wish to thank God for the manifestation of his blessings upon my life and my entire household. I never knew I was going to visit my village due to the level of lack and poverty I experienced last year 2018. My father died due to my inability to take care of him as the only child of my parents; I have no helper and was abandoned by almost anyone that came in contact with me. My business collapsed and I was totally down and hopeless until some one introduced your column to me and I contacted you. Before contacting you, I was borrowing to feed. After discussing with you, I was persuaded to order your oil and to pray accordingly. The day I started the prayer, God started doing new things around me. I was favoured by friends to the extent that what I got assisted me to go back to my business and I am doing very well sir. I travelled to my village during this Christmas and New Year celebration. My story has changed in no small measure…Thanks to God.”
– Mr. Franklin Okorie.
Some parents have also forced their children into marrying some men who in the end delight in killing or destroying the hope and future of their children. Such marriages usually lead to divorce. Woe to those parents who drive their children into false marriages by persuasion, cunning compulsion or subtle means. The reciprocal effect of such marriages upon such parents is carrying back the responsibility of such children as a result of divorce. Parents should always stand against this.
I wish to implore my readers here not to marry a woman who is morally good because she goes to church; by the time the church concept expires in her and her true person is revealed, you may not be able to condone her in life as a wife. This also causes divorce in the mundane world of vanity. Some young girls also count it a pride and fascinating for them to play the role of a young wife in a matrimonial home where they are not destined to live. In such a case 24 hours after wedding, there would be pandemonium and uproar till death do them part.
A particular brother reported his wife to his pastor for committing adultery with a friend of his. The committee of the church handled the matter, the sister accepted and asked for forgiveness. The pastor asked his committee members if it was lawful for the sister to be forgiven and be set free from Church discipline they agreed that she should be forgiven but … Thereafter the pastor declared: “Neither do I condemn you but take back seat”. After about three months she was freed by the church; thereafter, she did same for more than five good times. The brother could not endure the shame the woman was bringing to his family, thus he divorced her and consequently sealed the divorce with fasting and prayer.
Every woman should try to put up a good behaviour for “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” Prov. 22:1.
“The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart, his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords.” Psalm 55:21. The above was the profound quality of the wife of Zentu. Zentu was a man of God, called and ambitious in life. But he made a great mistake in life by marrying a woman whose words were smoother than butter and her heart was set to make war like the case of Iran and Iraq.
Zentu married and wedded, in fact, he was a powerful man. The Holy Spirit used him to free many that were bound by the powers of darkness. With his bicycle he could travel to different states for the propagation of the gospel. The only problem Zentu had was his wife who had only four children for him, who thereafter “sold” her third daughter to the Motherless Babies Home. She did this because her husband fled from her consequent upon her troubles and left no money with her to take care of the children. Before he could come back, his wife had disposed of their third child in order to get money for her feeding.
Zentu had served in about eight different churches as a pastor. But he lost his appointment in all as a result of the clamorous cum vociferous behaviour of his wife. The Bible states, “A foolish woman is clamorous, she is simple, and knoweth nothing.” Prov. 19:13. Zentu the prophet of God wept for his daughter that was sold. By the time a young servant of God Evangelist Prince became aware that Zentu’s wife has sold her daughter, Prince wept with Zentu and had no strength to weep again. This is a life story.
Zentu at a particular time lost peace in his life. He called to many men of God to help him restore peace and joy both in his marriage and ministry. There was the case of a man of God whom he called to pray for them, the man of God was beaten by Zentu’s wife as a result of the correction he made. Zentu later founded a ministry, the ministry was growing by God’s grace, but a time came when the woman began to fight in the church, the members scattered.
Zentu’s wife was not taking good care of him. He cooks, fetches water, and above all became a mother to his children. His wife commanded him as a houseboy and for the interest of peace, he allowed those things, yet there was no peace. The church he founded later closed as a result of his wife’s negative behaviour towards the members. Zentu finally ran away and went to Ghana for the emotional security of his life. The Bible says, “It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop than with a brawling woman in a wide house … It is better to dwell in the wilderness than with a contentious and an angry woman.” Prov. 21:1 and 19.
Zentu had no alternative than to run from his home because of the brawling and contentious woman he had at home as a wife. After establishing a ministry in Ghana, he came back out of love to take his contentious wife. They both went to Ghana to run the ministry. After about two weeks, Zentu’s wife, who was not willing to change, poured acid on Zentu over little family problem, but the man of God survived the attack.
Soon after that attack, Zentu’s church scattered again as a result of the usual behaviour of his wife. He regretted bringing her to Ghana. All that Zentu did failed. He prayed that God should either take him out of existence, or take his wife away, the more he prayed the worst the situation became. Zentu had no alternative than to divorce her. NOTE. The divorce war that issued between Zentu and his wife was like the Nigerian Civil War of 1967 but at the end divorce was realised. For the first time in his life he knew what peace was. Zentu did not waste time to remarry for it is better to remarry than to have children born illegitimately

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