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Let’s Talk!!! Simi And Adekunle Gold Secret Wedding – What’s Your Take On It? (See Other People Opinions)

It’s like the Mr & Mrs Gold fans ain’t taking it easy with them on social media for their recently held secret wedding.
To be candid Guys, do you think is really cool Simi andAdekunle Gold to keep such a candid milestone in their life away from their fans.
Fans that have been there for them even before the so called Fame, abi it’s Money I will say come to them. It’s not nice Oo..
They released a new song tittled “Promise” and they can share that on social media Oo! Imcase you don’t have it.

👉 Get it HERE

See what some people are saying on social media;
Maybe they are thinking of keeping their homes or Private affairs away from social media? 😣
But they should remember how they use to beg us to help them stream their videos and music for them to make money anytime they release a new one.
And also how they implore us to get ticket to their concerts and any shows they are headlining via this same Social Media they are hiding their Wedding from.
So Funny how we couldn’t even get to see clips or even pictures easily from the wedding party, we are all now staying glue to Instagram explore looking for #AGSIMIwedding videos.
I won’t talk again! I will let you guys reason along it too.
So Guys 👇

What Do You Have To Say About Adekunle Gold And Simi Secret Wedding?

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