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Real matter!! Man Visits His Friend’s House In Lagos, Met His Girlfriend There (Photos)

A guy met the shock of his life after he visited his friend’s home and saw his girlfriend there. The friend had no idea they were dating and the girl didn’t know the guys were friends.
A video has gone viral showing the moment a guy walked into his friend’s house and saw his girlfriend who has been dating for almost 2 years in his friend’s room.
According to another Twitter user, the guy has been spending a lot on this girl and she is supposed to be in school, only to find her in his friend’s bed.
The lady is seen in the video lying on the bed facing the wall while the two guys stand in a corner talking about the situation.
See more photos below:-
May God help we guys ooo, this babes are not loyal at all 😢
Take heart guy.
A Nigerian man gave a narration of how he caught his fiancee cheating on him despite his marriage plans for her.
According to the man identified as Isaiah Chidiebere, who took to a popular group on the platform, he was checking through her phone when he found out she has been cheating with 2 other guys.
But while he waited for her to explain the incriminating chats he allegedly saw on her WhatsApp, she grabbed the phone from him and smashed it on the floor, breaking it into pieces

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